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Welcome to our blog. We, the authors, are the 2nd year law students from the Faculty of Law, National University of Malaysia. This blog, which is basically on Computer Evidence is created as a requirement for the Cyber Law course under the observation of our respected lecturer, Dr. Nazura Abdul Manap. Kindly visit our blog for updated posts and do leave your comments or suggestions.

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1.0 Introduction
1.1 What is Cyber Law

1.1.1 Cyber Law in Malaysia
1.2 Cyber Crime in Brief

2.0 What is Computer Evidence
2.1 Definition of Computer Evidence
2.2 The Importance of Computer Evidence (the problems and solutions)

3.0 Computer Evidence: Processing Process

4.0 Comparison with Physical Evidence
4.1 Strength and weaknesses in Computer Evidence

5.0 Computer Evidence in Malaysia
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Classification of Computer Evidence
5.3 Weight of evidence
5.4 Primary or Secondary Evidence
5.5 Burden of proof
5.6 Malaysian Decided Cases

6.0 Articles and Journals (views and comments)

7.0 Conclusion

8.0 Referrences

9.0 Appendix 1