7.0 Conclusion

Hi everyone!

Basically, we had introduce you generally about computer evidence. Later we had narrowed the scope about computer evidence in Malaysia. We also discussed briefly about cyber crimes. This is important so that you will understand about problems that occured in this cyber world, the situation and the importance of law to settle the problems. So that, we had cyber law!

In the next topic, we had give you several definitions of computer evidence from various sources and explained further about problems and solutions in computer evidence. We had highlighted how hard to prove crimes which were done by using computer and how computer evidence comes to help.

Computer evidence process is a topic which details the procedure on how to find, protect and use computer and it's materials as evidence in court.

Later, next chapter is the comparison about computer evidence and physical evidence. We had distinguish those two and then give opinion on which one better and strenght to be considered as evidence in court.

Then it comes to the most important topic, it talks about computer evidence in malaysia, the primary sources, weight of evidence, burden of prove, malaysian cases, and so on. Of course, we as Malaysian, should understand the situation and application of the law in our country!

Last but not least, we provide you selected articles about computer evidence and give our views and opinions about it. This is to enhance and develop your understanding about the current situation nowadays.

Final conclusion, we all hope, that, all of us will get benefits from our effort in creating this blog. Any comments, opinions and views are most welcome and thank you!



This blog is very informative. You have provided the readers with a lot of information about computer evidence. Great job, guys!

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