1.2 Cyber Crime in Brief

1.2 Cyber Crime in brief

It can be denied that, computer and information technology (IT) are very important nowadays. It can be said that, the use of computer or any similar technology can helped human in solving many problems each day. For examples, by using computer and IT, work can be done faster, information all around the world are at the fingertips, time can be saved and work done is organized and systematically. But, as usual, when there is pro, there must be a contra. The misuse of the technology can lead to many crimes which committed in different way. It is known as cyber crime.

Cyber crime is the criminal activity which had been done through the computer. Many computer experts define cyber crime differently. Some, referred cyber crime as, any crimes committed through computer. There are some, concluded that it is a crime done at cyber space not in a real world. Accordance to the blog’s author opinion, the definition of cyber crime relies on the situation, objective or the aim of the persons study.

The examples of the crimes can be committed are theft, cheating, forgery, trespassing and others. Specific terms had been used to address such crimes, such as; hacking, cracking, salami slicing, stamming, wardriving, phising scams, cyber stalking, denial of service attack, spam and many mores.

As to deal with these crimes, most of the country in the world had enacted law related to cyber crimes. Eventhough, there are special provisions that had been provided, problems to convict criminals, occurred subject to the matter of evidence. This is because, the crimes in cyber space is dissimilar with crimes in real world.

Here, is a simple illustration given by the blog’s author in order to complete your understanding about the disparity of cyber crimes and real crimes.

A, a theft had stole money from a shop, he maybe left his fingerprints, footsteps or any other physical evidences such as tools used in the crime.

B, a theft had transfer money from people’s accounts’ to his own account. He, for sure did not left any fingerprints, footsteps, tools or any other things. Besides, he can easily modify the application in the cyber space to cover his wrongful act. For example, delete the transaction that had been done.

So, in this blog, all four authors had been assigned to discuss, explained and elaborate further on computer evidence; the problems, solutions, strength, weakness, procedures and many mores.



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