1.1.1 Cyber Law in Malaysia


The Malaysian Government has enacted several set of regulations to deal with the problems and crimes which related to networked information devices and also technologies. It is called as cyber laws. The government had taken an early step which is in 1997, by providing an inclusive framework of societal and commerce-enabling laws which cover aspects regarding security of information and network reliability. Various topics had been covered by the regulations passed, as examples, intellectual property, freedom of expression, jurisdiction, copyright, privacy and many mores. There are six cyber laws that have been passed, which are:-

1) Telemedicine Act 1997

It is an act to prewide for the regulation and control of the practices or the application of telemedicine in Malaysia and anything related to it.

2) Digital Signature Act 1997

This act was enforced in 1st October 1998. It is an act legalizes the legal recognition and authentication of the creator of an electronic document. The target of this act is actually to promote the processing of transactions such as commercial transactions through digital signatures.

3) The Copyright (Ammendment) Act 1997

Copyright protection in our country is governed by the Copyright Act 1987. It provides a very sufficient protection for copyrightable works. The copyrightable works includes computer software. But then, as the world of Information technology developed, it has challenged the traditional concept of copyright protection. Because of that, the Amendment Act comes into force, which amended the Copyright Act 1987. This Act seeks to update the law on copyright. As a sum-up this particular act provides the copyright protection on-line.

4) Computer Crimes Act 1997

This act is enacted in order to impose penalties on fraudulent, dishonest acts and misuse of computer which can be considered as crime, either it is committed outside of the country. It deals with unauthorized access, unauthorized access to commit further offenses and unauthorized modification. There is also a provision to make possible investigations for the enforcement of the Act. The Act elaborates about the crimes and also provides the punishments. Usually the use of this act will be also referred to the traditional act, Penal Code.

5) Communications and Multimedia Act 1998

This is most important legislation which enforced on the 1st April 1999. The legislation concerned about the policy, regulatory framework for convergence of the telecommunications, broadcasting and computer industries.

6) Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission Act 1998

It is an Act to provide for the establishment of the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, with powers to supervise and regulate the communications and multimedia activities in Malaysia and to enforce the communications and multimedia laws of Malaysia, and for related matters. (accordance to the act itself)



Renuka said...
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Renuka said...

Is there any current development in Malaysia on cyberlaw to protect the computer user and are they really protected by this act.

Anwer said...

appreciate if can discuss more on cyber security governance and possibility of having a risk-based framework for regulatory purposes.
my email; anweryus@gmail.com and i work at cybersecurity malaysia.

Jimmy Jarred said...

I was familiar with the first four mentioned acts. I am lucky that I found your blog and learned about the remaining two acts which do holds importance in cyber law. Thanks for sharing this detail that helped me.
e-sign act

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